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Rapper Bizzy Bone, a founding member of Bone thugs-n-harmony, has penned his riveting autobiography aptly titled Inside a Bizzy Mind, available in stores and online.

Chronicling his arduous childhood, which included being kidnapped at the age of five along with his two older sisters, Bizzy opens up about a life spent living in cars and random motels before the children were finally rescued after a year plus on the run. Luckily a neighbor, who lived next to the children in a trailer park in Oklahoma, saw a “missing” photo of young Bizzy on the TV show “America’s Most Wanted.”

"Bizzy's story tells his inspirational journey and shows just how easy it is to fall, and how tough it is to pick yourself back up,” says "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh. “His chronicle reinforces that what you see on the surface isn't always what lies beneath."

One of the world’s most accomplished rappers, Bizzy, born Bryon Anthony McCane, even recalls the very moment that he chose the body that he would actually inhabit before his birth into this tumultuous world.

“I want this book to be about the spiritual war that has been a part of my life,” Bizzy says of his autobiography, which was written with journalist and award-winning author Jose Martinez.

As a founding member of the multi-platinum-selling group Bone thugs-n-harmony, a groundbreaking act that has sold more than 50 million records worldwide, Bizzy Bone is a hip-hop icon that has led a life of legend, experiencing tremendous highs and terrible lows. Unequipped to handle the trappings of fame, Bizzy, battling with all sorts of temptations, went on what he calls his “walk” where the famous, Grammy-winning artist became a self-imposed homeless man, walking the streets of Ohio and sleeping in parks and on bus benches to the dismay of his friends and family.

“I think Bizzy gets lonely at times,” Bizzy’s sister, Hope McCane Jarman, explains. “We can’t imagine what goes through his mind after so much has gone on in his life. That is why I think people sometimes don’t understand Bizzy, and if they have never experienced what he has, they may not be able to understand him. Bryan is very passionate about a lot of things, especially his spirituality. There was a lot of praying at a young age. There were days that we would not eat and go to bed hungry. Those were very difficult times in all of our lives.”

Hopey, as Bizzy calls his sister, points out life for her brother was tough after being rescued.

“Bryan was thrown into an adult role so fast. He never had a chance to grow up like a normal kid. At the young age 14, he had his first child and became a father with responsibilities before ever becoming an adult himself. Bizzy did what he knew best and that was to sing his heart out. That took a lot of pain from him and basically all of us. We grew up with his dream and we all would sing to feel free and that allowed us to dream and hope there was a better future for all of us.”

Bizzy’s mother, Roseanne Jefferson, a strong-willed woman who has survived abusive relationships, is well aware of the hardships her son has faced and is proud of the man he has become.

“I am very proud of the man that Bryon has become, not just as an artist or entertainer, but also by his heart and soul as a man,” Jefferson points out. “He is incredibly gifted on so many levels and continues to be an inspiration through his music and life history to many that have survived dysfunctional families. To relate all the grisly details of how and why my children and I went through this dreadful life that we did, would be like placing an indelible mark on my 20-plus grandchildren to bear. The truth is incredibly tragic.”

Bizzy has overcome his “demons” and eventually found the “light” and moved on with his career, which most recently included three sold out shows at Rock The Bells concerts across the U.S. with the highly anticipated reunion of all five members of Bone thugs-n-harmony—this after two members had split from the group.

Click here to purchase a copy of "Inside A Bizzy Mind."









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