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Combining the “club” and “fine dining” experiences, supperclub los angeles has put a whole new spin to the concept of a night on the town.

The supperclub concept started 20 years ago in Amsterdam and since then, similar hip “dinner clubs” have followed in Istanbul and San Francisco. The Hollywood club, housed in the former Vogue movie theater, is the biggest club in the trendy and fashionable chain.


“Freedom is the keyword at supperclub,” declares owner Bert van der Leden. “It's a mix of food, music, performances, art, our staff and you. An evening at supperclub has been successful when all your five senses have been tickled. Supperclub is all about creative freedom. It's a particular atmosphere, every night is different and it’s a special place where people can let themselves go.”

Every two weeks, the dining menu and entertainment change at supperclub. Upon arrival, think Hollywood movie premiere as you walk down the red carpet outside the movie theater façade. Once inside, sip on a complimentary specialty-made cocktail. An assortment of impressive cocktails can be purchased during the mini cocktail hour before dinner is served.

For anyone old enough to remember the rundown pit the Vogue was, you will have to pick up your jaw off the floor when you take in the new, swanky digs the venue has become. At supperclub los angeles, it’s all about presentation. When it’s time to be seated, a red huge curtain, separating the bar area and the dining area, opens and reveals the posh, white club/dining room filled with beds and couches. If you’re dining in bed, take your shoes off, jump aboard, relax and prepare to be pampered.

Dinner at supperclub costs $75 a person and includes, in addition to the complimentary shot, a four-course meal along with access to the trendy nightclub that takes over the space after dinner. All diners are asked in advance if they have any dietary concerns or allergies, as the menu is kept secret until dinner is served.

Fancy presentation trick No. 2 happens when the first course is ready to be served. The large movie screen playing behind the DJ rises and reveals the restaurant’s onstage kitchen. I never saw that coming, and I must say I was very impressed.

Supperclub is not a traditional restaurant, and they warn those with lazy taste buds or those who may be scared of new experiences to stay away. To their credit, they do a very good job of creating a fun-filled atmosphere to eat, dance and enjoy the night. During our visit, which was a summer camp theme, we started with a wonderful Nectarine and Field Green Salad with Truffled Bufala Mozzarella, honey and yogurt blackberry confit. Nice presentation and extremely tasty.

That was followed by a Pan Roasted Wild King Salmon with apple, celery, golden raisin grapes and parsnip soubise. Delicious! For vegans, the substitute option was a Curried Garbanzo Fritter Apple with celery and golden raisin parsnip soubise.

In between courses, entertainers included aerialists, contortionists, and a break dancing crew. If you’re looking for a savory cocktail to go with your meal, I can recommend The Supper Cup, mixed with Pimms cup and cucumber, orange, ginger and gin, although my favorite is Night in Beirut, made with Jameson, ginger beer, lemon, pomegranate juice and blood orange bitters. The Lebowski Grande, which is mixed with Patron XO, Patron Añejo, and Crème packs a mean punch. Make it your one drink of the night or be sure you’re not driving.

Our main entrée this particular night was a delicious Red Wine BBQ Braised Short Ribs with Sweet Corn and White Cheddar Ravioli with Wilted Rapini. The barbeque was so savory we soaked up every last drop and left practically spotless plates. The Veggie main entrée option was White Cheddar Ravioli, Roasted Anaheim Peppers with Wilted Rapini and Tomato Confit.

That was followed by the final course of the night, dessert, which perfectly paired with the campfire theme as we devoured the decadent Milk Chocolate Smore.

The supperclulb portions are not huge, but I found them to be just right, especially if you’re concerned about portion control. A night out at supperclub los angeles seems the perfect way for a group celebration, or a romantic night of dinner in bed. It’s unique and fun, and followed by dancing in a very packed club with wall-to-wall revelers, most of whom pay outrageous bottle service prices to take over the bed and couches you just spent close to three hours having dinner in, is fine with me. And what better way to work off dinner than by dancing the night away?

Supperclub Los Angeles is located at 6675 Hollywood Blvd and is open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights. Click here to make a reservation or call 323-466-1900 for more info.










Some Photography courtesy of supperclub los angeles






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