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The lines of hungry customers outside The Gridde Café aren’t wrong, if you’re looking for a tasty bite for breakfast, or a mouthwatering lunch, then step right up, sign in, wait to be seated and treat your taste buds to a sensory overload they will thank you for.

“Leave your diet at the door,” says Griddle owner and founder Jodi Hortze. And she’s not kidding, as the delicious, oversized and overindulgent portions at The Griddle are no joke.

Finding inspiration from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Hortze was actually raised in a household where she wasn’t allowed to eat any sweet cereals.

“But we had sugar,” Hortze points out, “so instead of adding a little bit of sugar I’d add a whole bowl of sugar. When my mom wasn’t home I learned to make sweet things myself and eat them before she got home.”

A self-taught chef, the fare at The Griddle is second to none, from its phenomenal coffee to its out-of-this-world breakfast that no ordinary eater can finish, to its delicious lunch orders that get overlooked by the occasional customer because the breakfast is just so amazing.

For those that want to experience Los Angeles bite by bite, The Griddle Café is a must experience, from its celebrity, hipsters and showbiz execs looking to close a deal as customers, this place is a hotspot for the city’s finest breakfast with a menu loaded with decadent pancakes and hands down the best French toast to in town.

Celebrating its 11-year anniversary this April, Hortze likes to declare, “Everyday is a holiday at The Griddle.” And she’s not off the mark when you taste her savory Red Velvet panCAKE or her over-the-top Carrot Cake Pancake that is currently only available on certain days when Hortze gives the ‘green light’ on Twitter.

Loyal customers or anyone with a sweet tooth can purchase their very own delectable Red Velvet panCAKE mix to make at home. The mix is available now at Kitson, Amazon and


Other must-have dishes according to Hortze herself include Mom’s French Toast with its egged-dipped bread griddle cooked to perfection with a side of bacon, or the Poached y Papas Benedict served atop potato skins with a huge, thick slice of ham with homemade Hollandaise sauce, and lots of it.

“It’s not dainty,” she points out.

Others self-indulgent and outrageous creations include the Time To Love breakfast, inspired by Stevie Wonder, with streusel, butterscotch chip, and caramel-filled pancakes topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and caramel (“Signed, Sealed, Delivered!); Saturday Morning Fever with Bailey’s and Kahlúa swirled into buttermilk batter topped with real whipped cream and powdered sugar; and Black Magic - Oreo-filled flapjacks topped with whipped cream and Oreo cookie pieces.


With a possible product line and cookbook in the works, Hortze proudly declares that practically any meal at The Griddle, or at least breakfast, “is dessert!” She even recently told The Huffington Post: "The Griddle Cafe's 'A Time to Love' pancakes are almost better than sex because they take you so close to that place of pleasure, and oh so quickly, at that."

Interested in a healthier option, go with the ‘Gone Shrimping’ plate as a good source of protein with its egg whites scrambled with shrimp, basil pesto, scallions and tomatoes topped with capers and served with garlic toast.

If you’re looking for non-breakfast menu items, Hortze recommends the Grilled Chicken Sicilian Melt, noting, “If you like basil or pesto, it’s the best sandwich. It’s on French toast bread, although grilled and not dipped in the egg wash…it’s such a good sandwich.”

There are also ten tacos on the menu, including the Moonwalker named after Michael Jackson, filled with grilled shrimp or chicken, basil pesto, spinach, tomato and mozzarella cheese.

A Los Angeles institution, we dare you to find a better breakfast or just a plain, cooler, chill spot to hangout and feast.

The Griddle Café if located at 7916 Sunset Blvd. on the corner of Sunset and Fairfax. Hours: Mon-Fri: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Sat & Sun: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Call 323-874-0377. Free parking located in the back. Follow on Twitter at









Some Photography courtesy of The Gridde Café



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