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Westlake Village Inn Review


If you find yourself in need of getting away, even just for a night, then look no further than the charming Westlake Village Inn. Located just off the 101 Freeway, a mere 30-some miles from Downtown L.A., consider this your sanctuary from the rat race.

An extremely popular wedding destination, weekends are often sold out, as the property will host up to five weddings on a single day. And with Fall being a magical time at the Westlake Village Inn, it really is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway, or just a brilliant excuse to back a bag and make an overnight excursion to relaxation.

Westlake Village Inn Review

Upon arrival you will transcend through the gates and cobblestone paths into a botanical oasis of rose covered arbors, European statuary and an organic oasis of the vineyard.

The Westlake Village Inn is a haven of Mediterranean charm and serenity. An idyllic retreat to serenity, you can lay poolside or relax in a cabana or en suite; enjoy a soothing spa treatment at Remedy Skin + Body; take a scenic bike ride; or indulge in fine wine and gourmet delicacies as you enjoy bistro style cuisine at Mediterraneo, or savor an afternoon or evening amongst the grapevines at Vineyard at Mediterraneo where you can enjoy a picnic with hand-crafted baskets by Chef Alberto Vazquez. And if you’re looking for a more ruckus night with tasty eats and delightful drinks then hit up Bogies Bar & Lounge.

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All the staff is friendly and extremely professional, and the rooms are spacious and so very relaxing. Romantic, plush and ever so comfortable, you will know you’re on vacation in a stress-free environment, even if it’s just for the night. At least you’ll go back to reality fully charged.

A perfect place to begin your night out (as well as close it too) is Bogies Bar & Lounge featuring the latest in libations and cuisine. Kick things off with a tasty Pama-Granate Cosmopolitan or a savory Lemon Drop as well as flavorful Bogi-Jito. Good menu starter items include the Grilled Shrimp Mediterraneo served with marinated shrimp served with a Farro and fresh charred corn salad and a white balsamic infusion.

Westlake Village Inn ReviewWestlake Village Inn Review

Another excellent selection is the Tuna Tarter with marinated Ahi tuna piled high with spicy cilantro citrus vinaigrette, avocado, caramelized shallots and Wonton Angel Hair, it is ever so delectable.

And if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path dessert selection you might want to give the Guinness Milk Shake a try. That’s right, I said Guinness Milk Shake made with Guinness, Kahlua and French Ice Cream. It sounds strange but it definitely hits the spot. And if you’re going to ingest that calories, you might as well keep your buzz going.

Wednesday night features karaoke, while Thursdays is trivia night, Fridays feature live entertainment and Saturday nights give way to Club Torch and live DJ action.

After indulging in Happy Hour, or maybe you just want an upscale retreat, walk over to Mediterraneo, the property’s upscale restaurant where Chef Alberto Vasquez’s passion for preparing fresh, seasonal, European-style cuisine with unparalleled quality and value is evident upon your first bite. You’ll enjoy handmade pastas, the highest quality meats, fresh fish, vibrant salads and tantalizing appetizers born of Mediterranean and Californian influences, prepared from the freshest ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.

Make sure to start with the Arancini Bolognese, crispy Arborio rice balls prepared with homemade Bolognese and fresh mozzarella with Arrabiata. The Pan Plano Mediterraneo is also a favorite. The thin flat bread, baked in a wood burning oven, topped with marinated tomatoes, olives, caper berries, pesto, ricotta cheese and Arugula is perfect for sharing and goes so well with a nice glass of wine, or in our case, a wonderful bottle of Paul Hobbs red.

Delicious, fresh, just out-of-the-oven bread is a hearty treat. It is worth noting that the Mediterraneo Caesar Salad is more of a California take on the traditional salad prepared with hearts of Romaine topped with Pecorino Dressing, Crostini, and Parmagiano shavings, so purists stay away.

For your main entrée you cannot go wrong with the Tuscan Ribs that made the general manager literally jump for joy when he described the dish of Baby Back Ribs slow roasted with a Tuscan spice rub served with a Balsamic glaze, pickled red cabbage and Sweet Potato Fries. Excellent choice!

Another wonderful selection is the Linguini Vongole, Manilla Clams cooked in white wine, garlic, chili, Pomodori, herbs and a touch of butter tossed with linguini pasta…light yet filling.

We may have gone crazy ordering desserts but that’s what you do when you’re on vacation, even if it’s just for the night. You can choose from Florentine Art, white chocolate-laced Chantilly cream in a caramelized almond bowl topped with seasonal berries; Parisian Bread Pudding served with spiced brandy crème anglaise and caramelized pecans; Dark Chocolate Tart served with banana ice cream and double chocolate sauce. Can’t decide which to order, get them all!

Your stay at Westlake Village Inn is about relaxation and comfort, so you might as well treat yourself right. Currently offering special October rates, select nights start at $135.00 based upon availability.

The Westlake Village Inn is located at 31943 Agoura Road in Westlake Village. Call 818-889-0230. Free breakfast provided every morning.


Westlake Village Inn Review

Westlake Village Inn Review

Westlake Village Inn ReviewWestlake Village Inn ReviewWestlake Village Inn ReviewWestlake Village Inn Review

Westlake Village Inn Review

Westlake Village Inn ReviewWestlake Village Inn Review

Westlake Village Inn Review

Westlake Village Inn Review


Some pictures courtesy of Westlake Village Inn


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