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gobi mongolian bbq dine review


 For about a year now, the folks at Gobi Mongolian BBQ House have been offering Silver Lake hipsters, and anyone else with enough sense and appetite, a satisfying and hearty meal at very reasonable prices. Offering stir-fried meats, noodles, vegetables and wonderful herbs, all cooked over an iron Mongolian barbeque grill, you will experience a meal that truly does satisfy your body and your wallet.

gobi mongolian bbq dine review

Serving Crispy Tofu Salad, flavorful Chicken Fried Rice, Pan Seared Sesame-Crusted Ahi Tuna, and a Vietnamese Sandwich that will soon join the menu, it’s the Mongolian BBQ that’s the main attraction. The concept is pretty simple: Grab a bowl; Pick your meats (as many as you want), your choices include beef (rib eye cut), chicken, pork and lamb; Select your veggies, you have nearly 20 options, most of which are sourced from local farmers’ markets including sliced squash, asparagus and Shiitake mushrooms; Sauce to your heart’s content, you can choose Mild, Medium or Spicy, add a Curry or Lemongrass, Asian Pesto or Smokey Oyster (all sauces are MSG-free and use low-sodium soy sauce), add Noodles if you want; and Hand over your creation to the cook who will stir-fry it right in front you. Then sit, devour and repeat if you dare (second visits to the grill are only half price…this is not an all-you-can-eat buffet).

While some customers opt to pile their creations high, making it a dance of sorts not to drop or spill their scary heap, lunch or dinner at Gobi can also be a good, healthy choice of protein, vegetables, and carbs - if you really need them. This is really great sustenance for anyone in training for an upcoming race, as well as anyone looking to eat right, or just fill up.

gobi mongolian bbq dine review

I mixed beef with lamb, went to town with the veggies, added some noodles as part of my marathon training, and went the traditional sauce route mixing garlic,
lemon, Asian barbecue, oyster and medium sauce. Great stuff!

With a wonderful selection of beers to chose from, including Sapporo, Kirin Ichiban, Stella Artois, and Singha from Thailand (all priced at $5), there are also several artisan ales, including three California brews, in addition to red and white wines, Soju-based cocktails, and sake to round our your dining experience.

And since it only takes a minute or so to cook your stir-fried creation, this is a great fast-food alternative as you can eat a better, healthier meal in just the same amount of time. Ideal for lunch on-the-go (priced at $9.95), or a relaxed dinner ($13.95) with a good cocktail or two if you so desire, Gobi really hits the spot.

The owners, including the owner of Pazzo Gelato just a block away, have really created an inviting and chill, Zen-like ambiance perfect to relax and refill your body.

Gobi Mongolian BBQ House is located at 2827 W. Sunset Blvd. Hours: Sunday – Thursday 11:30am - 10pm; Friday & Saturday 11:30am - 11pm. Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 4pm - 7pm. Call 213-989-0711.


gobi mongolian bbq dine review

gobi mongolian bbq dine review

gobi mongolian bbq dine review

gobi mongolian bbq dine review




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